Ambar and Jason

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Our Story

[as written from mostly real events by Jason D. Valentino while Ambar was at yoga]

Our Story begins in the beginning of Spring 2016, with two random people going on their first date in DC. After pushing said date back like 5 times because someone (Ambar) had a weird eye-thing going on and felt she looked too crazy to meet the man of her dreams for the first time. They had a great evening that neither of them wanted to end. They decided to go on many more such dates, the couple seemed to like each other a great deal.

Over time like turned into love, living in different cities turned into living together, and those little dates turned into traveling and exploring the world together. The two bought a new (old) home together, Ambar cooked dinner maybe three or four times, and they adopted a pretty shitty cat.

At the end of 2018, at the scene of their first date, Ambar said yes to Jason’s marriage proposal… after she cried a lot, which we have on video. Now as they prepare for the next steps of their life (a move and a marriage) they invite their closest friends and family to join them at their wedding in Puerto Vallarta.


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Valentino Wedding

4:00 PM, January 11, 2020
Casa Karma Villa
Carretera a Barra de Navidad 1247 Col. Conchas Chinas, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 48390

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Hotel Accommodations

Hyatt Ziva

We have booked a hotel block at the all-inclusive Hyatt Ziva just south of old-town Puerto Vallarta. The Ziva is both awesome, as well as puts our guests less than a half mile from the wedding venue and a mile from the fun of old-town Puerto Vallarta.

To learn more about the Ziva, please use the link below:
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Other Hotels

If the Ziva isn't your speed (or you have different hotel loyalty that's important to you) our only advice is to not stay too far north. The ride from the Marina to the south of old-town or the 'Romantic Zone' [see picture] is a good 35+ minutes due to traffic. While the city is amazing everywhere, most of the nightlife, shopping, and random shenanigans we will likely find ourselves in fall in the 'Downtown' and 'Romantic Zone' areas in the map attached.

Cast and Crew

Natasha Gealey

Maid of Honor

Natasha was one of the first frienships I made when I moved to Richmond from D.C. in 2016. We grew super close as the years went by and we discovered we had many common interests. She is the friend I turn to when it comes to making important life decisions. Natasha is my Maid of Honor not only for her poise but for her eager willingness to support me in any of my wedding decisions. Whether it's showing up right before our engagement photoshoot to assist me with a waredrobe malfunction, or giving me a great big hug when I need it, she's always in my corner. I'm fortunate to have her by my side on the most important day of my life.

Colleen Flood


Colleen was one of the first of Jason's friends I met on my first visit to Richmond, VA. She's incredibily talented, freakishly positive, and has the heart of a warrior. Colleen is the creator of my beautiful engagement ring and the only person I turn to whenever I need an artist's eye. Some of my favorite memories with Colleen include our spontanious art show crawls and random hikes.

Colleen Morehouse


The moment I met Colleen Morehouse I knew we would be great friends. We have the sort of friendship where a single look tells us what the other is thinking. I can't be around Colleen without falling to floor laughing my heart out. She wasn't only our amazing realtor that helped us find our amazing home in Richmond, but she's someone I admire and strive to be like. From demoloshing and flipping homes, to selling them, she's an amazing wife and mommy of two.

Susan Zimmerman


Susan and I have been friends since high school, we work together at Capital One and now we're embarking on a new adventure together with our move to Austin! We were attached by the hip growing up and traveled to places near and far. I'm very fortunate to call her my friend, as she's the most genuine soul I know. She's not only my companion for life, she's my biggest support. Susan lights up my life and any time I think of her it puts smile on my face. My fondest memories of our friendship was the Summer of 2002 where ate pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and traveling all over Cailifornia in 2015.

Kelly Turrisi


I love Kelly for her huge heart, spunky sense of humor and ability to find the funny side of every situation! She once drove to Richmond from DC and back in the same day just so she wouldn't miss my Birthday party, if that's not loyalty I don't know what is! My fondest memory of Kelly is bumping into her at City Center right before Jason popped the question and Kelly not being able to invent a lie on the spot.

Michelle Gomez


Michelle was my roommate in 2014 and she saw the entire story of Ambar and Jason florish from beginning to present. The day she met Jason the words out of her mouth were "oh, he's definitely the one". She's been with my through the ups and downs and still remains to be my rock whenever she hears a hint of self-doubt out of me. She has a precious baby boy named Gavin (my God son) and when she's not running around being #1 mommy, you can find her spending time with her twin sister Deya and her amazing mother Isa.

Tawheed Haroon

Best Man

Tawheed Haroon is a world renound olympic figure skater famous for his modern interpretive movements, unsurpased vertical take-offs, and unparralell sense of style both on and off the ice.
Many years ago, Tawheed found a stray human on his livingroom couch at 4 or 5 in the morning and decided to adopt him. Now he's the best man in our Wedding... which is pretty cool. Tawheed is married to a lady named Sara, they made a baby, so far they seem to be decent parents. So far said baby has not adopted neither Tawheed nor Jason's love of cigars or whiskey but in time I'm sure the little one will come around.

Jason Biniasz


Jason Biniasz, the original writer and director behind the 1972 smash hit, 'Silent Running' has devoted the last few years of his life on his true passion: The Jason and Erland Biniasz habitat for wayward kitties, a charity focused on 1x1 nutritional coaching for obease felines. Jason met Jason, and other Jason sometime in the 90's... which was a great time to pick up weird Gen X friends.

Silent Running was a terrible movie.

Jason Seiden


Jason Seiden needs no introduction. Here's an introduction: Seiden is fourth higest ranking professional in his household, but out of that top four, there's a solid chance he's the best father.

Out of any friend we have, Jason is the least likely to stand someone up if he commits to be somewhere.

Out of any friend we have, Jason is the most likely not to show up on time to that aforementioned thing he will very reliabily show up to (eventually).

Kenneth Cooke


WOAH... look how professional this picture is! I don't even have to write anything special about Ken for you to know this... this is the guy. PS: trying my best to not make weird stories about Ken or Seiden on this wedding page because... well... The Internet. However I will say this: Ken and I have been amazing friends most of our lives and all because I crashed a party at his house over 20 years ago. :)

Nicole Valentino


Nicole Valentino is an acomplished professional Astronaut and amature cat trainer. She is close friends with not just the groom but everyone in the grooms party, mainly because she makes all of us Christmas cookies and we like cookies.

Out of everyone in our Groom's party Nicole has probably known the groom the shortest amount of time, a mear 37-38 years (depending on when you read this). I don't know much about where Nicole grew up, or what her family must have been like but I'm sure it was a weird upbrining to create such a strange and unique individual.

David Bigness


David and I met at a dinner and he was like: "you like sake", and i was like "yeah", and he was like "you like ribs", and i was like "YEAH"... and then we became friends. Fun fact: David Bigness is an extremely talented sketch artist and generally re-caps most important stories on bar napkins. So much so that several of his pieces have recently been on displace at the the National Museum of Modern Art at the Centre Pompidou.

Outside of his art David enjoys grilling things, he recently tied for second place with Tawheed in the international three person grill off for Jason Valentino's b-day. ;) (IT WASN'T RIGGED!!!)

Gift Registry

Honey Fund

Hi All, we are blessed to have so many family and friends willing to come so far to join us for our wedding. In our minds, your presence is more than we could ever ask and totally constitutes as your gift to us!
However, if you do feel like a gift is necessary we would prefer donations towards our honeymoon... mainly because the logistics of bringing gifts to and from a foreign country can be challenging.
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Travel Info

Travel Info

The closest airport to fly into is, Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International
Airport, Code: PVR. It's around 7 miles from the Casa Karma and takes around 30 minutes, due to traffic.
Passport must be valid for 6 month at the time of travel.

Taxis and minivans are paid for before entering the vehicle, at a small kiosk located just
before leaving the building. You will be issued a pre-paid ticket at the kiosk
and then, escorted or directed to your vehicle. The ticket is then handed to the
parking attendant at the parking lot exit and then you are on your way.

Winter (December – March)
You can expect the average weather to include warm sunny days and pleasant
evenings. During the day the weather is temperate, around 80 degrees, and it
is suggested you wear light clothing.
A light sweater is recommended at night, as the lows can reach about 60
degrees. However, if you are from a cold climate, you'll be fine with short
sleeves. Temperatures start to decrease before sunset, around 7:00pm.

Things to Do

The Malecón (boardwalk)
Located in the historic center of Puerto Vallarta, the Malecon is an 870 meter
(2,854 ft) long boardwalk, which starts at the traditional Rosita Hotel, and
goes all the way to the Romantic Zone, passing by the Los Arcos Amphitheater.
It is a well-known landmark not only because it is along the seashore, but also
because, along it, you will find a great variety of restaurants, bars, art galleries,
jewelry shops, boutiques, sculptures and other attractions that turn it into a
favorite place for locals and visitors.

Our lady of Guadalupe Church
One of the most visited places in Puerto Vallarta is Our Lady of Guadalupe
Church, a symbol of the city that is recognized worldwide. You will find fine
wood and marble works of art here. With its wonderful architecture and
famous crown, it is a meeting point for thousands of pilgrims visiting all year
round, particularly in December when the Feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe is

Main Plaza
Known also as, “Plaza de Armas,” this beautiful plaza has a kiosk and lush
trees and planters, as well as the sculpture of Ignacio L. Vallarta, an
outstanding Jalisco judge and State Governor, after whom the town is named.
This is a tranquil setting where one can enjoy delicious ice cream or simply
look at the beautiful landscape towards the mountains or the sea. Concerts,
cultural presentations, and art exhibits are held here. The celebrations for
Independence Day take place at this plaza. On Sundays, it becomes a
marvelous dance floor for those who love to dance the traditional, “Danzon,”
after church.

Rio Cuale Island
Rio Cuale Island is right between downtown and the Romantic Zone. The
island is divided into two main areas. There is a more serene area, where the
Cuale Cultural Center is located, which is a place where one can enjoy
peaceful surroundings, a walk, some exercise or enjoy the beautiful staircase
joining the island and the famous Gringo Gulch, which has spectacular views
of the mountains.
The other side of the island is connected to the extension of the new Malecon
(towards the Los Muertos Pier). There you will find a great variety of stores
selling artisan work, which are ideal places to find a memento from your
vacation in Puerto Vallarta. A fun way to get to the island is crossing the river
on one of the traditional swinging bridges.

Old Vallarta Romantic Zone
Old Town Vallarta, also known as the Romantic Zone is located south of the
Cuale River. This area, with its cobblestone streets and quiet atmosphere, is a
reflection of a typical Mexican style town. Here you can enjoy cafes,
restaurants, shops, boutiques, art galleries and a great variety of nightclubs
near Los Muertos beach.

Los Muertos Pier
The pier, located in the Romantic Zone is built over a hundred meters into the
sea and it is the perfect place to stroll alone, with a significant other, or the
family, whilst enjoying spectacular bay sunsets. Due to its inspiring nature, it
is also an ideal spot for those looking for tranquility and a place to sit and read
or even write. This pier is also an embarkation point for the water taxis that
head to the beaches on the southern shore.

Los Arcos Marine Park
The well known Puerto Vallarta “Arcos”, are located to the south of the city.
They are small granite islands projecting out of the water. They are called Los
Arcos (Arches) due to their arched shape, rock formations. The largest is 25
meters (82 ft) high, at times allowing boats to navigate under. The smaller
arch is the ideal place to snorkel and dive, as people can swim through them
and dive in the numerous caves and tunnels shaped through time, by nature.

Located south of Puerto Vallarta, Mismaloya offers a beautiful beach
surrounded by the jungle. Here you can enjoy delicious seafood dishes offered
at small restaurants, or take a boat to visit the southern beaches, or the Los
Arcos Marine Park to snorkel. Mismaloya is known for having been the
location where the movie, “Night of the Iguana,” was filmed. Up river is an
area known as, “Eden,” a perfect place to swim in the small pools formed by
the large rocks. The Eden was also the location for another famous movie,
“Predator,” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Vallarta Botanical Gardens
An oasis in the outskirts of Puerto Vallarta; these gardens have a large
collection of native plants and flowers, including orchid and vanilla
conservatories. Some of the main attractions are: rose gardens, aquatic plants,
cactus, ferns, a tropical fruit orchard and a picnic area, a restaurant and
shops. The Botanical Garden is located south of Puerto Vallarta.

Marina Vallarta
Marina Vallarta, a modern and sophisticated area located a few minutes from
the Puerto Vallarta International Airport, offers a great variety of attractions.
It has a world class golf course, an exclusive hotel zone, a marina with luxury
yachts and boats from all over the world, a boardwalk with a variety of
restaurants and a lighthouse, from where one can enjoy a spectacular view of
Puerto Vallarta. Either by day or by night, the Marina offers light filled,
glamorous and elegant sites you should not miss.